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DocumentLite – Web-focused system of document workflow management will help
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29 June 2009

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DocumentLite is a Web-focused system of document workflow management that will help save time of employees in processing of documents and tons of paper.

Features: Due to the way organizations work, there is usually a lot of papers that is circulated amongst many people. DocumentLite is a web based system of document workflow management. It will help save time of employees in processing documents and also a lot of paper. A workflow based document management system can bring many benefits to the way things get carried out in the organization. There is a common repository of documents, so that there is no trouble in finding a document. All other required pieces of papers can be kept together along with the main document. You can assign a person responsible. You can define clearly the executors or the people who must work with a particular document. You identify the decision makers as well.

Any communication that is required by the executors and the decision makers are facilitated by the application. Documents, when created, can have the people who can work with it defined. Elaborate & detailed directory structures can b set up to organize documents properly. You can define multi-layered access rights to the documents. Quick search of documents is possible as is a variety of reports that can be generated. It requires only a web browser to interact with the application. So it makes for a distributed work group. People can work on the system as long as there is an access to the internet. You are not going to need a commercial database either for getting work done through the Document Lite utility.

Overall: A handy tool for working with documents to work-flow processes.

Publisher's description

There is a set of ways of the organization of the activity at any enterprise and in any branch. Practically any of them does not do without official registration of papers. DocumentLite – Web-focused system of document workflow management will help to save time of employees at processing of documents and tons of paper.
Let’s result only some of basic functional opportunities of the workflow document management software DocumentLite:
• The uniform place of documents keeping;
• The keeping of any requisites of the document;
• The assignment of document’s responsible person (ñ);
• The assignment of document’s parties (executors);
• The control of by responsible person;
• The possibility of dialogue of the document’s parties with each other and the controller, in frameworks and on the questions connected with the document by the means of the document management software DocumentLite;
• The creation and the display of the documents to certain circle of users (the repository of documents);
• The creation of the subordinated documents (it is necessary at the decision of one of subtasks described in the document);
• Directories’ conducting (types of documents, requisites of documents, users, etc.);
• Autoidentification’s system;
• The investment of users with the rights;
• The fast search of documents;
• The creation of reports.
System DocumentLite is created on the basis of free and very popular tools (PHP, MySQL) therefore you will need only Internet-browser for the work in it. It will allow organizing the workplace of your employee in any point of the Earth where is Internet or the access through your local network to Web-server of system DocumentLite. Also it is not necessary for you to spend money to buy additional software products for example a commercial database or operational system Windows (the usage of Linux or MacOSX is possible) for work with system DocumentLite.
Version 2.0
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